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Abwab “Gates” is a journey of beauty that touches on Sufism and the power of revelation, expanding on the horizons of each door, each with its respective title. 10 gates, together representing the cycle of life, as one is closed and another is opened, reverberations and rhythms are applied with distinction. A journey for the soul, a healing mechanism for the mind.

TRACK LIST (Authors Notes)

(The Gate of Hope)


It is legitimate even if it is in vain.. simply because it lived in a number of places until it perishes and is then buried in dust. It is a door to the longing of the oppressed, lost conversation. A door that cannot be reached but opened by the heart, like a bleeding wound and a prayer without a compass. A source of rain for the sky, and an equation for the senses to awaken you from their slumber and see..  Chapter on the bereaved, the wind, and the one who has lost his guidance, whose steps have died, and whose names have become hardened. A door for those who died facing him, and walked on a path other than his own. If you hold its grip, it will penetrate your heart and break free.

Musical scale: "Maqam A'ajam"

(The Gate of Knowledge)


Firm and silver. The deeper you delve into it, the more its corridors open for you. His name is in it, if you recognize it, it does not detract from it, but rather it increases it. Not like others, It is said that it is a sea, a beach, and a marina, but no matter how deep you go, you can only capture a drop of its water. It is the door of an addict who drinks thought like morning coffee. Every sip is a passion, every passion is a meaning, every meaning is a well, and every well is water. If you touch a door, your senses will awaken, your limbs will rise, your eyes will touch the sky, and your fingers will touch the cover of the universe.

Musical scale: "Maqam Rast"

(The Gate of Absence)


If it opens, alienation runs through the body like a shiver. Painful and stubborn, if you ask him to return, he turns away. It is absence and its expression is alienation. It holds the heart and does not let go. If you open a door, do not enter it, but rather look at it from afar and then count your stairs. Its place is the soul.

Musical scale: "Maqam Mukhalif"

(The Gate of Revelation)


Widening the eye of insight.. A passion for what cannot be seen or touched. Scoop to lift your breath and swim into the orbit of the universe. Moon and sun circulate in the universe while insight precedes their time.

Musical scale: "Maqam Kurd Du"

(The Gate of the Mother)


A gate for every gate, a clear opening and salvation. A chest that gives warmth and a forehead that is studded with prayers. A door to a parallel universe as vast as that between heaven and earth
Expansive beyond all expansiveness. That is a door whose handle you hold, and it will not let you go, even if you let it go.

Musical scale: "Maqam Sikah"

(The Gate of Presence)



As sudden as the blink of an eye. Indulge. multiply, like quick images or joy that engrave the memory. Like a spring of water, the moment it bursts from between two rocks, it flows like a waterfall to water every neighborhood around it. An exception in the heart of shadows and an eternal anchor during a quick transit. Attendance is the key to a small rose in a vast desert. Or perhaps a delirium in a melody that softens until it heals. A door to hidden passion and laughter. A door that if I touch it, I find it.

Musical scale: "Maqam Kurd La"

(The Gate of Death)


Salvation and release from the world, solutions for a good soul.. Transposition of a soul into a body, Pour into the soul to the utmost, Deliberately falling in love and climbing to its highest hills

Musical scale: "Maqam Al-Bayat La"

(The Gate of Dreams)


Its key is the eye of the heart. Drawing a second life. It is a delicious escape, a soft refuge, and a break from cruelty. His tone is not fast. Close your eyes and let its imagination write a biography for you. It is said that its key is in the hand of the lover, compassion for the world, and in the hand of the wretched, compassion for the soul.

Musical scale: "Maqam Nahawand La"

(The Gate of Divine Love)


There is no cure for it, it is the antidote to every disease.
it is said that it is the door of love, but its entrance is the heart.
f you close your eyes, you will see an illusion, and if you look, your heart will beat and become clear with the redness of your cheeks. It does not need a key, it is the key and the gate. It comes at a moment, snatches up and disturbs, then when it arrives, it opens all the gates.

Musical scale: "Maqam Farhavza"

(The Gate of Entreat)


When despair comes rampant...the eye begs the mirrors to laugh, and when those who were well disappointed... When the smile loses  its joy and tears flow throughout the body and the sparkle dies.. When there is fear and helplessness. When sad, It is a door to hope. So that the monster of the heart wakes up and wipes away the accumulated dust, It is the heart's call to the sky to open its doors

Musical scale: "Maqam Al-Siba"

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