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Ahalna Campaign
To care for the displaced and return to their homes in Iraq
Young Iraqi Volunteers

Ahluna Is an Iraqi youth campaign that works tirelessly for the care and return of displaced people to their homes in Iraq, launched by Naseer Shamma in 2015.

The organisation established by Naseer Shamma in early 2015 has carried out numerous projects on awareness for Iraq refugees and advocating for the return of Iraq's population to its cities across the country, Ahluna has until early 2018 contributed in serving and facilitating the return of over three million Iraqi citizens to their homes. 

Motivational initiatives have been a major part of the organisations outreach, such as that of the Ahluna marathon held in Autumn of 2015 and was attended by officials of Iraq and members of the humanitarian community in addition to Shamma himself to participate in the awareness upbringing and the importance of revitalising Iraq to welcome back its citizens.

The project is open to new ideas that help lay out a road map for the successful return of Iraqis to the country as has been reiterated by Shamma in hope that the organisation continues to stand out as an innovative advocator to a future more stable and nourishing Iraq without war. 

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