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Alaq Baghdad
01st  Dec, 2017 
Rehibilitation of Iraq's appearance with the aim of bringing life and investment back to the country
Amanat Baghdad, Iraqi Private Sector Bank League (IPSBL), Iraqi Central Bank

"Alaq Baghdad" is a reconstruction project that was launched in with the aim of rejuvenating life back into Iraq’s capital, 27 private banks in addition to the government's central bank have joint hands in investment to make the project a reality, the launching of this project was declared by Naseer Shamma who continues to monitor and promote its developments.  idea 21 9 2016

The funds have been declared at around 8.2 Billion Iraqi Dinars which are set as donations and not an investment and 

were gathered by the financial institutions and set to reconstruct 22 main squares in Baghdad in addition to Al Rasheed St. due to the impact of turmoil in Baghdad on the once busy market place location. 


Amanat Baghdad Trust has taken on the duty of providing engineering services for the projects and is working closely with the banks, initially they provided the donors with 26 projects of which they would choose from, the remaining projects would be shared with other potential donors to ensure the completion of the project, the project will include

reconstruction of ancient sites and historical buildings that have been damaged due to the war and the neglect that the city has endured in general out of these circumstances. A meeting at the Iraqi Cabinet building was held and chaired by Shamma, vocal support has been expressed by Prime Minister Haidar al Abadi.

Since the project was established there has been some dispute over the priority order of the constructions given the large scope of the entire project and the man power needed to implement, but overall the pace has been a success in giving not only the people of Iraq a sense that the capital is in its development phase but investors from the region and around the world the enthusiasm to begin looking at financing options in the capital Baghdad and elsewhere in the country. 

The main squares will include holographic images in addition to statues and complexes designed by comprehensive artists. Details such as the plantation have taken global warming into consideration as to be eco-friendly, all part of a more prolonged scope of Iraq’s future. 

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