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Eastern Orchestra
This is the first experience to transform oriental music into "orchestral"
A group of stars of the world's musicians

Establishment of the Eastern Orchestra, 70 renowned musicians from across the Near and Far East

Naseer Shamma founded the Eastern Orchestra, which includes 70 musicians from across the near and far east, with the variety of all the instruments that hold heritage in the region, graduate students from the Arab Oud House in Cairo and branches in other countries such as Iraq and the UAE to spotlight their expert gains in music over the past two decades . The Eastern Orchestra has presented several performances, the first of which was at the 5th Abu Dhabi Music Festival and  Arts in 2008, and heard the show "Spirit of the East", at the ceremony Shamma also took to a solo segment to present  some of his most famous works, in addition to some other works of major artists, and folklore, such as: "Greetings" "Sheikh and I" "" Mural of life " Fingers "" lover of the soul "" above the palm "" Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi "" between the palm. "


The Eastern Orchestra is distinguished by its original oriental instruments such as oud, law and flute, as well as its derivatives such as saz, walnuts, sintur, lira and kamensha (oriental violin), and in large numbers such as seen in Western Orchestras across the globe, in a precedent that is the first of its kind in the history of Arabic music.

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The musicians who play with the Eastern Orchestra include Mr Shamma himself, Miles Jaye, the contrabass legend, Ashraf Khan, Ross Daly, Dhruba Ghosh, Hani ElBadri, Hua Xia, and leading players of the oud, the ney, the joz, the qanoon, the Indian sitar, the Iranian kamansha and the lyra. The sound that results from uniting the musical legacy of the East is emotive, inspirational, full of life: a multitude of minor tones create a beautiful yet dissonant sound, sometimes shocking in its unorthodoxy. Concerts include solos and call-and-response phrases between Mr Shamma and different instrumental groups, but most songs feature the full orchestra. It’s a symphonic adventure to befit Mr Shamma’s powerful dream.

Dedicated to creating meaningful musical experiences alongside an ambitious educational program and a long-term involvement in the communities in which they perform, the Eastern Orchestra

unites people of all cultures, generations and social backgrounds, leaving a lasting impact of enrichment wherever it goes.

The orchestra’s CD Silk was released in 2008. Silk has symbolised the East for thousands of years and is associated with the ancient Silk Road, unraveling through the countless mysteries of Africa and connecting the East to the rest of the world. The soft fabric known for its seamlessness, and its production requires time and effort. It is comparable to the fluidity and complexity of an immaculate piece of music. The nine tracks of this CD are a brilliant introduction to the Eastern Orchestra’s oeuvre, selected by Mr Shamma to reflect his personal taste and the various souls of the Orient.

This year in Oman, the performance of the Eastern Orchestra at the pre-launch season of the iconic RoyalOpera House, Asdaa Musiqiyah (Musical Echoes), in Muscat was rapturously received by the audience and critics alike. The orchestra has also toured to

Abu Dhabi and later this year will perform in Stuttgart, Germany.

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