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Abu Dhabi Festival 2023 Award Bestowed upon Naseer Shamma for Lifetime Achievements

Renowned oud player and composer Naseer Shamma was recently honored with an award from the Abu Dhabi Festival, one of the most prestigious cultural events in the Arab world. The festival, which has gained a global reputation for its commitment to artistic excellence and free expression, has been a long-standing partner of Shamma, who has participated in many of its projects over the years.

HH Mohammad Khalifa Mubarak Al-Nahyan (left) Naseer Shamma (Center) HE Huda Al-Khamis Kanoo (Right)
HH Mohammad Khalifa Mubarak Al-Nahyan (left) Naseer Shamma (Center) HE Huda Al-Khamis Kanoo (Right) during the award ceremony at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi - 15th March 2023

Shamma's collaboration with her excellency Huda Al-Khamis Kanoo, the founder and artistic director of the Abu Dhabi Festival, has been a key factor in his success. Together, they have worked closely on a number of initiatives, sharing a commitment to promoting Arab culture and supporting emerging talent in the arts.

H.E. Huda Al-Khamis Kanoo - Founder & Artistic Director of Abu Dhabi Festival

On the 15th of March, 2023, Shamma was awarded the prestigious honor at the Emirates Palace, in the presence of His Highness Mohammad Khalifa Mubarak Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi, who was there to present the award along with H.E Huda Al-Khamis Kanoo.

The award is a testament to Shamma's exceptional talent and his dedication to preserving and promoting Arab cultural heritage. It is also a reflection of his longstanding relationship with the festival, which has been a constant presence in his life, supporting him and inspiring him to pursue his dreams.

As Shamma noted in a statement, "I am honored and humbled to receive this recognition, and I look forward to continuing to work with the Abu Dhabi Festival to promote the richness and diversity of Arab culture."

Naseer Shamma seen at the closing of a concert performance April 2012

As the Abu Dhabi Festival continues to grow and evolve, it is clear that Shamma will remain a vital and valued partner in its efforts to promote cultural exchange, artistic excellence, and creative innovation. His contributions to the festival and to the broader cultural landscape of the region are a testament to the power of art to inspire, transform, and connect us all.

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