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Naseer Shamma Tours US with Jazz Legend Wynton Marsalis & The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra

"Middle East Meditations" for Jazz and Oud enthusiasts, an unprecedented fusion... is thrilled to announce Naseer Shamma will be touring with legendary Jazz musician Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra from 20th January - 4th February 2023. The show titled “Middle East Meditations” is a follow up of previous collaborations between the two artists with a show that was held in 2010 at the Abu Dhabi Festival in the UAE and one at the Marciac Jazz Festival in 2017. The chemistry in those sessions would set a new precedent for musical fusion and more specifically the entwinement of Jazz and Oud, hence a renewed effort for what must be continued. This year’s tour will kick off with two consecutive shows in New York at the Jazz at Lincoln Center in the Rose Theater, followed up with shows in Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago, Omaha, Milwaukee-Appleton-Madison of Wisconsin, (see complete tour dates below).

Wynton Marsalis and Naseer Shamma rehearsing with members of JALC
Wynton Marsalis and Naseer Shamma rehearsing in Abu Dhabi - Photo credits: Luigi Beverelli

Since their first meeting in the UAE in 2010, which was made possible through the support and efforts of Abu Dhabi Festival, both Marsalis and Shamma delved right in to their common perceptions of how music can better the world, exchanging their musical cultures and ultimately laying the grounds for a unique journey of musical seed planting.

Wynton Marsalis

“Wynton Marsalis, a jazz legend who lives amongst us, his deep spirit expands continuously to bring together a suffering world. His love for music expressed with jazz as an expression based on feeling and knowledge. He is not close-fisted with his music, on the contrary the most generous, that wishes to share his legacy with friends who communicate in the language of music, which he has mastered in a distinctive and unique style. A teacher who gives all, who collects the earth’s music in his folds, looking for bonds and turning pain into hope. I can't wait for our tour which surely promises more fusion than words can describe.” Naseer Shamma

“We’re coming together for a collaboration with the brilliant musician, composer and musicologist Naseer Shamma. He comes from a whole world of music of which he is a master. As a virtuoso and teacher, he has transformed the presence of the oud, Playing with Naseer is what makes being a musician -all the hours and years spent practicing and trying to be serious - worth it. We look forward to coming together to interpret his music” Wynton Marsalis