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Naseer Shamma & Barcelona Guitar Trio perform Garcia Lorca

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

As the world adapts to the Covid-19 crisis and events across the planet have been cancelled with the aim of flattening the curb and protecting those that are vulnerable, artists do their part in expressing solidarity with those on the front lines.

Naseer Shamma and The Barcelona Guitar Trio come together to perform "Garcia Lorca", the performance was filmed in 5 separate locations with the musicians in their places of isolation, the performance was published online for the public to access.

The performance was published over Shamma's official facebook page with the following message:

"Garcia Lorca"

This piece is dedicated to all the medical workers around the world and to the volunteers of the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies confronting the Corona virus on the frontlines, appreciative of the sacrifices they are all making and lastly to those who have a passion for music.

Thank you to my fellow musicians of the Barcelona Guitar Trio:

Luis Robisco Xavier Coll Quetglas Alí Arango - Classical Guitarist and Composer Paquito Escudero Sevilla

watch the performance via this link:



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