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Naseer Shamma gives musical lecture in Abu Dhabi

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Prominent Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma gave a lecture on Feb. 25 in Abu Dhabi at the opening of the Cultural Council of Sheikha Khawla bint Ahmed Al-Suwaidi, the wife of Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed Al-Nahyan; the national security adviser. 

Shamma, professor of oud at the Egyptian Opera House and supervisor of the Oud House in Cairo, affirmed that music is one of the most important gifts given to man, stressing that when the radio was the only means provided for music, people were far more imaginative than today. 

The Iraqi musician explained that there are more than 40 kinds of music therapy, including therapy for serious diseases. He added that it is documented in the books of the history of medicine that music therapy was found thousands of years ago in Baghdad. 

Shamma further stated that music is the highest level of philosophy, as a bright idea could be thought of while listening to a musical composition. Shamma’s lecture comes as part of the events of Sheikha Khawla bint Ahmed Al-Swaidi's Culture Council for 2019, held under the title "Music". 

The lecture was attended by a number of important intellectual and literary personalities, along with a number of diplomats to revive the council’s intellectual, cultural and scientific events. 

Khawla bint Ahmed Al-Suwaidi stated that the cultural council has succeeded to attract a large number of individuals interested in all cultural aspects and that the council plays an important role in the dissemination of the community’s culture. 



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