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Naseer Shamma goes with the Arab Oud House to Khartoum

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma opened the Arab Oud House in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, to be a regional center for the African continent in music training.

Shamma said that the opening of the Arab Oud House in Sudan will be a very important space for developing youth skills and a regional center for Africa. He added, "I hope that in a short period of time, this center will constitute a very large mobility situation related to music, its importance and its role in the next stage in Sudan." He expressed his hope that "Sudan will achieve, during the next few years, important steps on the level of freedom and creativity of the new generation, and be inspiring to achieve their dreams."

He added, "It will be a cultural center that hosts cultural and artistic activities every year, and hosts guests from inside and outside Sudan and it will be a great addition to Khartoum, to those who will be graduated from it within two academic years of music and they will have a role in spreading music throughout Sudan." The Iraqi oud player, Naseer Shamma, established the “Arab Oud House” in 1998 in the Egyptian capital in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, and was the first school dedicated to teach oud as a single musical instrument.

Omar Ashari, Director of Information at “The Arab Oud House ”,said: “We are very happy that our country and our capital, Khartoum, will witness a very big event to join Khartoum as the fifth city in the world after the opening of the Arab Oud House in Cairo, Alexandria, Baghdad and Abu Dhabi.” Ashari pointed out that the goal of the opening of the Arab Oud House in Khartoum is an academic and artistic.

Watch Shamma's interview with Alarabia channel:



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