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Naseer Shamma receives a doctorate instead of a master's degree while discussing his thesis

The Higher Council for Culture, hosted by Dr. Hatem Rabie, discussed the scientific message presented by the great Iraqi artist and musician Naseer Shamma, entitled "Stylistic Music".

The letter was submitted for a Master's degree, but the decision of the Scientific Committee was a surprise to all and to the artist Naseer Shamma, where he was awarded a doctorate degree, for the depth and depth of the work presented.

The scientific committee included Dr. Inas Abdel Dayem, President of the Egyptian Opera House, Dr. Salah Fadl, Dr. Zein Nassar, and the message is supervised by Dr. Hussein Al Ansari.

During the discussion of the letter, Iraqi artist Naseer Shamma reviewed three musical models, citing the stylistic idea of ​​music: the musician Riyad al-Sunbati from Egypt, Chopin from the West, and Nazem al-Ghazali from Iraq. Stylistic is known as a term used only in literature and poetry. The first is to talk about music in this research.



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