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Shamma & Orontos perform concerts in Toronto & Montreal Canada held by the Canadian Arab Orchestra

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

From year to another the beauty of Canada is getting bigger,

Twenty years ago, the Arab World Festival was launched in Montreal, and three years ago, the Arab Festival in Toronto was launched in Canada “Canadian Arabic Orchestra”, to expand the space of beauty in shared experiences between Arab and Canadian artists.

Naseer Shamma revived two concerts in Toronto and Montreal Canada٫since his first stunning performance at the Festival du Monde Arabe in 2004, the great oud master Naseer Shamma has continued to regale Montréal audiences with spectacular productions that blend depth and virtuosity in unmatched moments of glory. This 20th edition would not have been imaginable without a new production by this tireless oud player, who turns here to the memory of the great Zyriab, the mythical ninth-century musician who left his stamp on the history of music. Sharing with Naseer Shamma the outlines of a history of common exile, the youth, verve and spunk of Orwa Al-Shara’a, Nazir Salameh, Gaby Al-Botros and Mohammed Mir Mahmoud, the guitarists who form the Orontes Guitar Quartet, hold out the promise of a deeply moving encounter at this show. Together they bring emotion to a high simmer with the elegance of best intentions, ready to blossom uncompromisingly in the ears of an admiring audience.

Enjoy watching some through the link below:

Shamma & Orontes perform an event held by Canadian Arabic Orchestra



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