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UNESCO Artist for Peace Naseer Shamma in concert to celebrate the International Day for Peace

On Wednesday 26 septembre, the virtuoso Iraqi oud master Naseer Shamma took the opportunity of his concert for the International Day for Peace, to remind the public that peace is fragile if climate change gives rise to conflicts.

Thus, the film The End of Paradise, directed and produced for the occasion, was screened before the concert in order to alert the public to the ecological drama of the Iraq Al Ahwar region endangered by drying.

Indeed, Al Ahwar, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, suffers from a drop in water levels, leading to catastrophic impacts on the environment and biodiversity. This situation threatens the survival of the population and the peace balance in this region.

For this celebration of peace, Naseer Shamma, UNESCO Artist for Peace, was on stage with eight musicians to perform the repertoire of Arabic music, including Paradise Al Ahwar and traditional Iraqi songs. The musicians were Anwar Abudragh (singing and juza), Wesam Alazzawy (kanun), Mohamed Lafta Al Rubaie (percussion), Sinan Slewa (percussion), Saman Alias (clarinet) Noori Kadhem (santour), Raed Jazbeh (double bass) and Jamil Al asadi (violin).

Naseer Shamma and his ensemble of musicians once again were able to carry a message of peace in line with Naseer Shamma's UNESCO mission since he was appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace in February 2017.

Source: unesco

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