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UNESCO Assigns Naseer Shamma it's Ambassador for a 2nd Term

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

For three consecutive years globally renowned artist Naseer Shamma has served as the "UNESCO Artist for Peace" through which he has participated in a range of projects to uphold the principles of the organisation on a global scale.

Former Secretary General Irena Bokova presents Naseer Shamma with certification of appointment: UNESCO Artist for Peace 23/Feb/2017
Former SG UNESCO Irena Bokova appoints Naseer Shamma Ambassador

As a result of the enthusiasm expressed by Shamma through his cooperation with UNESCO, initiatives that promoted music with a cultural consideration of the mosaic of heritages we see in our world today, will fortunately continue. This comes after what is considered a unique renewal to the ambassadorship period that Shamma commits upon, with an extension for a further two consecutive years; starting from August 2020.

The extension was welcomed by the artist in a formal exchange of letters in which the preparation for a forecasted schedule of projects was declared.

Naseer Shamma (center left) Audrey Azoulay (centre right) discuss future cooperation
Naseer Shamma and UNESCO Secretary General Audrey Auoulay 16/Jun/2019

Shamma has for many years established himself as a peace maker through music and other activities, he currently also serves as Goodwill Ambassador for the International Non-Violence Association, and an ongoing Ambassador for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Other independent projects that include the rehabilitation of Iraq's infrastructure and humanitarian assistance for treatment of children with complicated heart conditions have been a large part of his yearly schedule and he continues to commit for.


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